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Powder Magazine - May 2015
"...Mr. Tommy Kirchhoff helped teach Ted Ligety his unique GS form..."

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Berwang's Ski School - Tirol, Austria - 2014/15
"Waist Steering and race carving are the hip and happening things on the slopes today!"

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"I spoke with a PSIA examiner who was working the personal skiing portion of my level 300 coaches exam. He complained I was following the turn with the outside of my body... I congratulated him on his analyses, he nailing what I was actually doing. I told him I was attempting to ski like Ted Ligity. he said, Ted does not ski that way and wishes I would ski more open like he did. At lunch I treated my examiner to the NY times expose on Ted Ligety, where it shows that great shot of Ted thrusting the outside of his body through every turn and how that made for the perfect inside lead for the next turn..... He said he couldn't see it.... whatever.... I passed my skiing by the way, even with a blown out back that plagued me the entire exam. The credit goes to Tommy for introducing me to Waist Steering, only three years before. I can't thank Tommy enough."

Harlen O'Brien




"Tommy Kirchhoff is a innovative visionary in the world of ski instruction.  His creation of theWaist Steering teaching model is a priceless gift to skiers of every level.

With Waist Steering, Tommy has brought skills that have been developed and refined for over 5000 years in the art of Tai Chi, into the sport of skiing.  For many years, the importance of the core muscles has been recognized in upper level skiing, but until now no one had come up with a means to focus on them and extract their full potential to enhance skiing performance like Tommy has with Waist Steering.

All skiers, from beginner to expert, will benefit from the core skill lessons Waist Steering teaches.  When you become aware of the core, and learn how to employ it at full capacity,  the power, balance and confidence you bring to your skiing will leap."

Rick Schnellmann
Founder of "Your Ski Coach"


photo125x125.png"Tommy, I think your theories are the most revolutionary since Professor Kruckenhauser.
It has been my dream to ski with you, and now I have."

Hans "Biowulf" Kosak
Austrian Full Cert
Trained in St. Christoph





photo125x125.png"I've read everything there is to read about WaistSteering."

Sasha Rearick

U.S. Ski Team Men's Alpine Head Coach



"Waist steering. What a powerful and simple way of uniting many technical matters fundamental to deliberate, powerful turns; tight line; quick reactions/recoveries, and in the end, plain fast skiing. Without having given it a thought, I feel the transition happen in a fraction of the time than necessary without the move. Entering the power portion of a turn just after transition, my pelvis squares to the skis, my ski tips line-up, and my shoulders square-up too – perfectly aligning my structure. Because my core is engaged and I’m skeletally aligned, I can feather a turn in an instant when I must. I can also withstand monster holes and cross ruts far too frequently experienced in masters events and training – even at 150lbs. Waist Steering puts you into an incredibly balanced, very powerful, stable and resilient position, and provides the ability to ski a shorter distance and faster through a course."
Harold Deblanc, USSA Masters racer

Lacie Greenwald

Lacie lists me as one of her coaches in addition to Michel Pratte.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 2004 to 2010

I co-founded with Gary Dranow. My WaistSteering race technique was the foundation of the entire movement. From 2005 to 2010 we held numerous on-snow race clinics in Utah and Colorado, participated in many online discussions, and we taught many hundreds of people how to use WaistSteering as a mechanical advantage in a racecourse. The breadth of written material, visual aids and video produced and presented online is sheerly voluminous. You can click the screen shots below to visit  the sites.


Copper Mountain - November 2008 was my
last participation with
I was the head coach for this camp. Following
are my introduction video and three testimonials from the camp:





Testimonials from the website:


"I've been skiing for 31 years (I'm 33). To change technique at a high level of skiing is quite difficult. Through the team at MSRT I’m well on my way to being a top-level national master's racer, and a national champ in NASTAR again. Their ability to communicate their concepts is amazing. Quick, concise ideas, lead to faster times. That's what it's all about. So, if you want to race faster or make perfect turns, MSRT clinics are for you."

Erick Northroup
2005 NASTAR National Champion



photo125x125.png"I went from a mid-low 20's handicap intermediate racer to a low teens expert handicap (best handicap 7) in less than a season, mostly by applying MSRT (WaistSteering) techniques I read about and assimilated through the NASTAR Forum. Gary and Tommy are patient, thoughtful, and insightful teachers."

Matt Dubois
MSR Snowbasin Clinic Participant
2005 Nastar National Competitor





"I want to thank you for breaking the ice with waiststeering. I had pretty much come to the same conclusions that you have at the end of last year but was very cautious to say the word "Waist" in a very PSIA midwest setting. I believe I would have been totally ostracised. Your waiststeering is pretty much the culmination of my bulldozer turn taken to its anatomical conclusion. I knew then and can see now that it was right and was revolutionary.
I was not as active in the forum this summer as I have been in the past. I find absolutely no holes in what you are presenting but its light years ahead of PSIA or PMTS. I have paid dearly for my work out front of PSIA here in the midwest. I am on the outside looking in with very few opportunities to train staff at many of the local area ski hills as a result of my work on the very same thing. I think if you look through the archives I have been ostracised in here as well."

EpicSki Supporter


"Please let me take a moment to thank you for the excellent coaching last weekend. You definitely made our weekend! Thanks to you I can finally see that the improvement I have been looking for will come. I was very impressed with the knowledge you have of the racing turn but even more with your ability to communicate how to properly execute it! It worked. I went from the 18’s to a 12.59 handicap in 2 days of coaching. I'll be doing my core hip turns in the mirror, taking Tai Chi and looking forward the next time I can get out of the OC and back on the boards in PC for some racing! Thanks again."

Kenneth T. France


"I have read a number of your “Waist turn” posts on the NASTAR forum and skied with you several times, and from my experience you are right on. The turns that skiers like Bode and some of the other top-level ski racers in the world are making are revolutionary but I have never read any analysis of what they are doing, until I read your post. Your analysis of what’s going on during a turn is technical yet understandable. I am personally trying to add your technique to my skiing and when I do it correctly my skiing is better, it feels more solid, stronger, and quicker. Keep up the good work, I look forward to skiing with you again."

Keith McCauley


"I have now skied over 40 years, have been a level 3 certified ski instructor in the past and played with ski racing for many years. The "new" information was fantastic and really opened up my mind to the possibility of great improvement, and I thank you for that because I have felt stagnant for some time. Talking about the root stance and the dynamics of the body in reference to skiing was great because I am a Chiropractor and body mechanics is what I deal with every day. One of the best things with the drills is not only understanding why we do them but to be able to go out on our own and practice. A cute side note: You might remember my sister in law, Donna, did not want to come to the clinic on Thursday. Her husband made her come. On Friday, after she experienced Thursdays clinic, she said to both of us “Can we go again Saturday?” By Sunday she was out carving up the hill like crazy using the new information. She was going around, “saying were are there some gates I can practice on?” An amazing turn around for someone who in the past would not even go through a Nastar course. Thanks again."

Don Cofer


"Amazingly, (the MSRT) stance, combined with waist steering and ankle roll takes less energy to get on edge! The advantage I had in skiing with them (the MSR Team) was that I could see their principles in action, and I had the opportunity to work on the ideas with the pros there to correct me. It was a great experience."

Heidi A


"I consider myself to be no better than a solid intermediate skier and certainly not very fast. The short story is that after only 3 runs I had managed to pick up a Bronze medal; and by the end of the day was solidly in the middle of the pack for my age group."

Ralph Marshall


Race Clinics


"I am the Director of Powderhorn Racing Club, where Gary, Liz, Warren, and Jeff recently put on a Jr race clinic. In a word, it was fantastic. One thing everyone needs to understand about MSR teaching: it's comprehensive and state of the art, it's not just a "shtick" about waist steering. The waist steering progression is based on stance, balance, athletic movement, etc., it's not isolated. With our younger kids, the instruction was appropriatly basic, but REALLY thorough and precise. The older kids got the same, with the waist steering progression added, but not hammered or "sold". More than anything, the MSR team brought a rare combination of passion, enthusiasm, wisdom, experience, creativity, and COMMON SENSE to our small program which energized and inspired all of us from the littlest J5 to the coaches and parents (I'm a parent and coach, in the pic, I'm on the end holding the pink Nordica's at chest height, my son's a hot J3, and TOUGH critic who loved every minute of the clinic). What these guys are doing for the race community is unprecedented and in my opinion, to be lauded."

Ken Scissors, Powderhorn Racing Club, Director


2006 MSRT Howelsen Hill Clinic

Hats off to you. We attended last year's 2005 clinic and decided to take our daughter this year. The confidence and tips they gave her were tremendous. My daughter won, my wife rocked and got second, and I finished fifth. It is awesome to have access to current World Cup techniques and advice as a recreational racer. The Video Analysis was great. The Tuning Clinic was very enlightening. And racing at historic Howelson Hill was priceless.


Steven Green


My inexperienced 12 yr old daughter, Abby, brought herself up from the bottom of the rung in the silver division to the middle of the pack. Again, it was a small thing that Tommy pointed out (breaking at the waist and hand position) but it was like a light bulb went on for her. HC's dropped from the 80's to the 60's at Nationals. That is huge and nothing makes a kid want to race more then success. Thanks Tommy. Hats are off (watch the glare) to Jeff, Tommy, & Gary for affording us the opportunity to improve our game and imparting their passion and experience to us weekend warriors. Large Kudos!

Ron Simonson
2006 MSRT Howelsen Hill Clinic Attendee
2006 Nastar Nationals Combined Raw Time Male Champion


We too did the Thursday clinic, and would recommend it highly. The coaching was great - Warren, Rick Schnellman, and Jeff did a great job on the hill, and Warren's video analysis was great, and spot on. Where else can a bunch of NASTAR racers get World Cup caliber coaching on a one on one basis? It ain’t happening anywhere else. The course set was one of the most difficult, yet fun courses (if that can be) I have ever raced on. A challenge, yet the slip/inspections made it do-able. If more people would have inspected as well during the actual races, there might not have been as many problems. It certainly helped Ellen and I - we both had out best Nationals results by far - and it prepared us very well for the pitch and conditions we encountered in the race course. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who asks - we will certainly be looking forward to working with these guys next season, and look forward to a Midwest clinic next season. (Hint, Hint!!) I would like to thank Gary, Tommy, Rick, Warren and Jeff for all their time and expertise - it made the week that much more fun!

Matt Dubois


This is kind of late, but maybe not.. I attended the clinic yesterday at Howelsen Hill with my son Ridge. It has got to be the best race training I have ever seen administered. We have a bunch of them under our belt, from privates to USSA certified Top shelf, top quality instruction on a private course, right next to Junior Olympians!! Ridge didn't want to do it at first, I pushed... "Ridge you are at steamboat to race, you will take one day of full training prior to the race" well guess what? He now wants to return today!! What a confidence booster! Great job guys, Warren, Jeff, and Gary! you guys are the best! From last minute boot fitting, to step by step race wax prep for the conditions here, to video critiques, to starting gate drills to a more technically difficult 40 second course. To those who know me, can you believe that I don't have anything to complain about! We will definitely be attending one of their clinics again.

Rick Larick


I second the kudos to the MSRT clinic at Howelson Hill. They were spot on with all of their observations. The entire event was handled with a professional & positive approach. I spent the better part of today implementing their comments & tips. I could feel the difference immediately. Thanks guys! Your clinic was a serious confidence builder.

Stockliman, Nastar Forum Member


My hats off to the MSRT crew, I would try to name them all but I do not want to leave anyone out. I took both of the clinics at Howlson Hill this year and I am glad I did. I could not say enough good things about the clinic and the MSRT coaches. This was the very first coaching I have had since I started ski racing last season. I was given the basics that I needed to build on in a way that a new racer could understand. Starting from my boots, which I found were two sizes to big, to my hand position, to breaking at the waist. And as Kevin stated, "Being more dynamic". If you look at my pictures from the first clinic day and then look at the race day photos you can see the difference the coaching made. What the pictures do not show is the encouragement I was given by all the coaches. That was defiinitely a confidence builder. I left the clinic feeling like I had something to build on for next year. I will definitely return. Once again my hats off to all the coaches and staff of the MSRT. I hope to see you all on the East Coast for a session next season.

Copper (Jerome "Jerry" Leisher)


Your clinic on Thursday afternoon definitely helped me prepare for the Friday and Saturday races. The coaching was great and the run we trained on at Howelson was great experience. I am already looking forward to next season. Thanks again.

David Phillips


Regarding the MSRT clinic – both Jason and I enjoyed it immensely. Howelson Hill was certainly the steepest and most challenging course that we had ever raced on. It was also by far the most fun! Also, if you check back on Jason’s race record, you’ll see that he had his best results ever while at your clinic. He dropped about 4 points off of his previous best handicap. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for myself – I’ll have to leave that for next year. Please extend our thanks to the other coaches (and clinic participants) who made this such an enjoyable experience.

Rick Beal


On behalf of Steffi Klosterman and her family, we'd like to thank Nastar, Gary, Tommy and the MSRT crew for helping to raise the bar for both of our kids. She is on cloud 9 after her finish at Steamboat and, when she learned that she was going to get a set of new skis...well, you probably could hear her screams 1/2-way across the country! Entering her first year of J3 competition next year, the demands for Steffi include event specific skis. The Rossignol program is a godsend as we look to outfit her with up to 3 sets of skis for next year!

At Park City last year, Steffi and her brother Paul attended the initial MSRT clinics out at Snowbasin. The enthusiasm of the clinic coaches and sponsors and their genuine love of skiing and ski racing was infectious and helped feed a growing hunger for racing. This year both kids joined USSA and spent the year honing skills as part of the Attitash Mountain Ski team, at the Attitash Ski area in New Hampshire. (Paul finished 3rd, btw, in the 7-8 year old male/platinum division.) While we didn't make the MSRT clinics this year, we're not surprised to hear that folks felt the coaching was helpful.

Not all Nastar participants are likely to attempt to jump to the next level of competition, but if they want to get the most of out attending the Nationals, we strongly recommend attending the MSRT race clinics prior to the race. In addition to the fine level of coaching, it's also a great way to get yourself oriented and into the right frame of mind to do your best.

Thanks, congrats to all participants and good luck next season!

The Klosterman family


This weekend's camp was great--as I typed elsewhere, the two day clinic was the best one week racing camp I've ever been to. While it's fresh in my mind, I wanted to post some of my personal take-aways. 

To hit the headlines first, I think the four most profound things I carried away were: (1) the understanding, from the video analysis, of how my juicing the tails at the end of right footed turns was putting me in impossible situations. I knew I was intermittently getting into hopelessly late turn initiation, but literally had no idea of the cause, thinking I must have dived at a prior gate without noticing; (2) the understanding of how badly messed up my current boot situation is (despite prior customized footbeds and canting) and how profoundly that is affecting my skiing; (3) the amazingly fast and bad-habit-shedding results from the move-the-flags/inside hip clear/reverse Heisman drills through an on-snow application of the waist steering principles; (4) oddly enough, the introduction to Tai Chi. I really connected with it, which I didn't expect. 

Dean Gloster
MSR 2008 Ski Camp Participant,
SFDean on Epic

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