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Whether you are a WorldCup ski racer or a recreational, weekend NASTAR racer, I promise that my WaistSteering technique will turbo-charge your skiing and drop seconds from your course times.

Not only do I have 28 years of professional experience teaching skiing and 35 years of ski racing, I have spent 10 years codifiying and canonizing a WaistSteering learning progression so that you can jump in at any level.



If you didn't understand before, I really want you to understand now. WaistSteering requires "waist skills." These are not ordinary or common skills by anyone's account. They are highly specialized movement patterns developed over thousands of years, and distilled from the Chinese internal martial arts (of Tai Chi, BaGua Zhang and HsingYi Chuan). Simply put, if you don't practice at least some basic waist skills exercises, you will not be able to turn your waist very much. Practice of the movement pattern on dry land is absolutely critical to being able to effectively integrate waist turning with your skiing. In May of 2015, Grandmaster Victor ShengLong Fu certified me as a kung fu master. I will teach you these skills, and you must put forth every effort to learn and practice these skills.

When I studied kinesiology, my professor warned us that knowing all the bones, muscles, tendon origins and insertions, and specific joint movements tends to make us forget that the body is a whole. Like the concept of "core," some muscle groups cover more than one joint. But in the internal martial arts, "the waist" (yao) is the lord of the body, and the hip joints (kua) are merely its servents. In simple terms the waist is what you think-- the diameter of flesh and bone within your belt. As you learn more, the magic and power of the waist lie deep inside (iliopsoas and the six deep lateral rotator muscles). Please reference these principles, with special attention on number 4: http://futaichi.com/Principles.html

photo125x125.pngAfter you develop some waist skills you will be ready to hit the snow with a new understanding of your body. I will show you how to integrate waist turning with the way you ski now, and layer on more skills and information so that you progress to your highest levels. Each of my instructional packages includes all the exercise instruction and on-snow drills to begin effectively WaistSteering within a matter of days.

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