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  • How Do I Learn WaistSteering ?

    I liken this question to learning how to fly. Generally you can't fly an airplane until you do the ground work. So before you learn WaistSteering you need to learn how to hold your posture, and move in a different way. You need to learn how to relax. You need to learn at least some basic Tai Chi. After that you will learn the WaistSteering progression quite easily. Check out the Store for instructional Download and DVD packages.

  • What About Strength and/or Endurance Training ?
  • How Long Does It Take To Develop Tai Chi Skill ?


    The exercises alone will have you feeling different in a matter of days. You will feel amazing after a month if you train properly. Tai Chi is the deepest of arts, and gives you all kinds of great physical benefits right away. The more you practice and the longer you practice, Tai Chi will transform you into a super-human.

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