Develop Your Body First



You'll be surprised to learn how Tai Chi will
transform your body into a powerful machine.

So instead of telling you, I'd like to show you.

Scroll down and check out the super-human masters of Tai Chi.






1. Super-Human Balance

This video is long, so scroll forward to 5:30 where
Chen Tai Chi Master Chen Xiaowang can hold off
more than 20 guys. Then at 19:30, Master Chen
thwarts a giant, muscular guy from pushing him
outside a small circle.


2. Super-Human Power

In this video, brilliant biomechanics students at
Stanford University measure the super-human
power of Master Chen Xiang. The students find
that Master Chen's punch has a force of 11,000
Newton-meters, which is equivalent to 8,113 foot-
pounds of torque.


3. Super-Human Speed & Agility

In this video, Tai Chi Master Wang demonstrates a quickness
and body control that is difficult to understand.


4. Super-Human Sensitivity

In this video, Tai Chi Master Ian Sinclair demonstrates wild
sensitivity and proprioception by sparring blindfolded.


5. Super-Human Longevity

How well do you think your body will perform at age 80 ?
How about at ages 90 or 100 ? In this video (late) Master Lu Zijian
demonstrates an extremely difficult BaGuaZhang form for
a large crowd AT AGE 118 !


6. Super-Human Skills

Did you ever wonder how the slow, sappy movements in Tai Chi
could ever in 100 years be a martial art ? This video does a great
job demonstrating this little conundrum. This one is again Master
Ian Sinclair.

How Can I Learn Tai Chi ?


photo125x125.pngThe world famous Tai Chi Grandmaster Victor Sheng Long Fu offers his advice:

"More than 90 percent of all Tai Chi is bad. What it means—‘bad,’ that when you see someone do Tai Chi, they don’t follow the principles. You don’t (have to) know the principles, but you can look for yourself if the Tai Chi is good or bad. When you look, look at the waist. When the Tai Chi is good, (they) always turn the waist. When the Tai Chi is bad, the arms move but the waist doesn’t turn, or the waist only turns sometimes. That’s principle. In good Tai Chi, the waist always turns."  

Master Victor Fu also suggests that many of the best Tai Chi instructors practice and teach BaGua Zhang— an advanced sister art to Tai Chi which utilizes the same principles, but is far more complex and demanding. Master Victor Fu says, “Tai Chi is like first grade; BaGua is like eighth grade. Only a few special students can learn BaGua; most need years of proper Tai Chi first.”

Victor Fu’s grandfather, Grandmaster Fu Zhen Song, worked for decades to develop his skill in both Tai Chi and BaGua Zhang. In 1928, he was named the head instructor of BaGua Zhang (for the entire country) by the Chinese Central Government. Fu Zhen Song spent his life developing and systemizing his teachings; he created a martial art called Liang-Yi Chuan according to the ancient Chinese theory of creation. Fu Zhen Song considered Tai Chi to be the foundation for the entire Fu Style system; Liang-Yi to be the intermediate linking set; and BaGua Zhang to be the advanced forms.

In beginner Tai Chi, the student must learn the correct principles of posture, stepping, Taoist breathing, relaxation, and most importantly, how to control the entire body from the waist. Most people who learn Tai Chi don’t get very far because the instructor himself does not understand these principles. Simply put, the Fu Style teaching methods are much more developed. Instead of getting to a point where a student can say, “I know Tai Chi,” Fu Style students learn Tai Chi academically, as a building block to reach the next level. This is why Fu Style has an inordinately large number of grandmasters and high-level practitioners. The most famous Tai Chi master in the world is arguably Grandmaster Bow Sim Mark of Boston, who learned Tai Chi from Master Victor Fu’s father, Fu Wing Fay.

In the fine tradition of his father and grandfather, Master Victor Fu has devoted his life to the development and teaching of Fu Style Tai Chi, Liang-Yi and BaGua Zhang. Master Fu created, the “GoldenForm Tai Chi” set to provide students with the best in-home instruction available. Without the direct oversight of a qualified teacher, Master Fu’s GoldenForm offers an organized and progressive system for advancing one’s health, immunity and physical state. The DVD details the unique Fu Style Tai Chi movements; and the accompanying booklet entitled, “How Does One Practice Tai Chi Properly” spells-out the principles of Tai Chi for easy reference. The set also includes a beautiful music CD for Tai Chi practice or any time relaxation.

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