On-snow Clinics


Here's what you will get with my one-day clinic:

1. Dryland Exercises:
Learn the foundations of Tai Chi indoors, in your ski socks.
We will work for approximately 45-minutes to one hour.
Warm-ups, Tai Chi concepts and preliminary movements.
Learn posture, stepping and waist turning. Begin thinking
about your body in a completely new way.

2. Waist Steering Progression:
Take the skills you learned indoors to your skis.
We will work the remainder of the morning on stance,
slow-speed drills, and demonstrations. The WS Progression
is simple, methodical and layered. Each participant should
be able to learn, demonstrate and teach each drill, and
understand the basis for the system.

3. Afternoon Session:
I will spend the afternoon by first overviewing the morning
session, and then going more in depth on Waist Steering
application to ski racing and freeskiing; or I can repeat the
morning session for a different group of people. If you have
a timed race course, even better.

4. WaistSteering Progression DVD
This is the newest version of the ModernSkiRacing DVD.
It demonstrates all of the same on-snow drills that I will
teach in the clinic. An invaluable "reminder" tool.

5. Master Fu's GoldenForm Tai Chi DVD set
This package includes detailed instructional DVD for Master Fu's
beginner form, a consise booklet entitled, "How Does
One Practice Tai Chi Properly," outlining the principles
of Tai Chi, and a wonderfully relaxing music CD.


Cost for clinics in Utah:
Half-day clinic - $350.00
Full-day clinic - $500.00

For clinics outside Utah, I will need some
additional money for travel and lodging based
on where we hold the clinic. Let's work it out !

For more information, or to schedule a clinic
please call me or e-mail me:
Tommy Kirchhoff


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