Advanced WaistSteering Package

photo125x125.pngAdvanced WaistSteering covers everything from the first two videos, including 1) transitioning from the outside ski and 2) “pure” WaistSteering turns-- plus 3) details, graphics, explanations, and 4) my most elite tactics to truly maximize every bit of speed in a racecourse: turning 35-meter GS skis, the WaistSteering tuck, and the WaistSteering stivot. This DVD contains special information not covered in either of the first two videos, and will show you the highest-level theory of using the outside ski as an outrigger instead of your platform.

This video includes all footage from both the Beginner and Intermediate WS videos.

Please check out the sample videos below:

WaistSteering theory:

175 cm High-speed WaistSteering turns:

188 cm GS ski WaistSteering:

Slow motion WaistStering:


photo125x125.pngFREE: Includes our 24-Form Tai Chi, GoldenForm Tai Chi, and Standing Energy Practice DVDs to develop your waist skills on dry land.









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