About Tommy


Hi, I'm Tommy Kirchhoff. I've been ski racing for 32 years, and I've been a professional ski instructor for 28 years. I've been a distance runner, a bodybuilder, and a triathlete. I also studied university-level kinesiology. In 2003 I started learning Chinese internal martial arts (Tai Chi, BaGuaZhang, HsingYi, Baji, Wudang Sword) from Grandmaster Victor ShengLong Fu. In May 2015 Grandmaster Fu certified me as a kung fu master. Please check out my physical education for more in-depth information and photos.



photo125x125.pngIn the winter of 2004/05 I created the WaistSteering theory. The idea was to synthesize the waist turning movement patterns and principles of Tai Chi with alpine race carving. In the first couple days I could tell that I had something important. The turn felt much different than the ski racing turn I had known for so many years. The next season I spent nearly every day at Deer Valley working from my on-snow laboratory. I developed the technique quite a lot. I taught a few people the movements and the skiing progression, and some started teaching others. While many coaches called me a quack, tens and hundreds of ski racers started getting faster in a racecourse.

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