Check out my race results against the Telluride Ski School


Download my three abstracts published by
the International Congress on Science and Skiing
            2010                       2013                        2016


Daniel Boeckli Swiss Masters champion says,
"I can definitely say the WaistSteering 
concept works."


Why WaistSteering Works

photo125x125.pngClick the photo at left to see video, diagrams, and verbal explanations as to how WaistSteering is different, and why it works to carve both skis. See physical comparisons to modern ski racing technique with articulating scale models and much more.  Or Click Here

Video Gallery

photo125x125.pngClick the photo at left to see ten years of WaistSteering videos; watch Tommy demonstrate and break down the movements and reasons; and see the world ski technique revolution for yourself.   Or Click Here

Tommy's Ski History

Do you think Tommy just fell off a turnip truck, and doesn't really know anything about ski racing. Click the photo to see Tommy's experience at an Austrian ski school, his years of training, coaching and racing, and his comfort with skiing the big mountain.  Or Click Here


When you perform WaistSteering correctly,
the whole-body coordination makes you look
like an upside-down tuning fork.
—Tommy Kirchhoff


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